How to Write an Informative Speech: Best Guide and Speech Topics

Among the various academic assignments, you might be required to create an informative speech. Sometimes you will be provided with speech topics but other times you will be expected to come up with a speech idea yourself. You may experience some challenges identifying the best ideas on how to write an informative speech.

There is a variety of informative speech topics available which may pose as a challenge when seeking the best idea. It becomes more challenging to select the most entertaining topic for your speech.

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How to Write an Informative Speech: Best Guide and Speech Topics
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What is an informative speech?

An informative speech is one that aims at educating the audience on a particular topic. There are different types of informative speeches. They include speeches that describe the conditions and those that instruct the audience on how to perform an action.

how to write persuasive speech

Informative speeches help the audience understand a topic better and remember it later. The goal of this type of speech is not to sway the audience to your point of view. Instead, the details should be left for the audience to make their own decision.

Nonetheless, you should think more about your PowerPoint presentation. Rely less on pathos which appeals to the emotions of the audience. Instead, rely on visual aids to give your audience a visual representation of important information contained in your speech.

Providing information in various forms during your speech increases the likelihood that the audience will retain the information included in your speech.

The ultimate informative speech writing guide

An informative speech aims at giving particular information about a subject to the audience. The goal is to help the audience understand the information you have presented. Further, it makes a rather complex topic easy and simple to understand. This is through provision of various opinions and perspectives.

Building confidence in your topic is the first step. Boost what you already know and use it as an inspiration. Informative speech topics are everywhere. It is therefore possible to write about anything around you. let your topic of choice be unique, desirable and engaging to the audience.

Informative speech describes the topic of your interest. Think about what the topic is about. If for example it is about chocolate, think about, what does chocolate do, why do you love chocolate, does it have health effects?

Also, offer solutions to any health effects that too much chocolate may have. You may consider expanding or reducing some topics. This may be distractive to your audience. Stick to one area and make it interesting and engaging.

Informative speech writing tips

Choosing the right topic is half way into presenting a winning paper. A good informative topic can keep your audience interested and your work more enjoyable. Below are a few tips to assist you choosing a topic.

  • Know your audience

If you are presenting an informative speech that is known to your audience, present new and exciting information. if it is a topic they are not familiar with, let it be relevant to them. Do not presume your audience is familiar with the background of your topic. also don’t assume they know.

  • Consider the age

Write specifically, to the target audience. Their knowledge level and their interest also helps when you are preparing your informative speech topic.

  • What are your interests?

Think of your interests or areas of expertise that people may be interested in and benefit from.  Choose a topic that you are passionate about as this will help your speech to be better received. Curiosity will keep them engaged.

  • What is the length required?

How much time do you have to write you informative speech and what is the page requirement? Choose a topic that you will cover thoroughly within the specified time limit. Have several topics drafted. Settle for the one you have enough knowledge and personal interest in.

  • Focus on your subject

An informative speech is just to inform the audience. Don’t just pick a topic because it is convincing to you. pick one that resonates to a large group of people.

  • Offer in-depth knowledge on your topic.

Basic as your topic may be, let your audience take away something unique out of it. You can mention why chocolate is your favorite good snack and how it makes you feel when you eat it.

  • Do not speak fast

You are likely to be nervous presenting in front of many people. In such a case, you may try to speak quickly to complete your speech. This is unimpressive and can end up making your speech boring. While practicing your presentation, exercise being composed, clear and audible.

  • Be audible and comprehensible

While you may be a good speech writer, your presentation may not be effective unless you speak clearly.

  • Carry out an outline properly

Your outline is a guide to take your speech in an organized way. Through the help of an outline, you can add essential points or remove unnecessary points.

  • Understand the difference between persuasive and informative speech

These two speeches are different. Persuasive speech aims at convincing while informative gives information on a particular topic without trying to influence the audience.

  • Language

Use proper language. Speak the desirable language by your audience. deliver your speech with the intention of providing useful information to your audience.

  • Time

Time flow of your speech will make it effective. Describe the significance of your subject by expressing your main points with examples and interesting quotes.

Informative speech outline

An informative speech has 3 parts namely, introduction, body and conclusion. The following process is how to write an informative speech outline.


This is the actual speech which starts off with an attention getter. How you start off determines the precedence of your speech. The introduction is the most important part of any speech. Below are areas in the introduction that you should work on.

Attention getter

Convince your audience more on why they should pay attention to your topic. This may be through answering a question or offering a solution but not by overselling. Grab their attention with a strong introduction


This should be exactly as you have introduced. Don’t mix up subjects as this may show unpreparedness hence leading to disinterest


Tell your audience why you are qualified to talk about that topic. Is it through interest or are you an expert in that area? Satisfy their information hunger


In brief without disclosing too much tell your audience what your topic is about


The body consist 3-5 points.

  1. Main point

Illustrate, cite and create a transition to the next point

  1. Main point

This one should also be cited and have a transition between each point

  1. Main point

This one is a subordinate point. This should be evident by being below the main points and also transition to the fourth point

  1. Visual aid

This is use of either graphs or pictures to illustrate your points

  1. Transition to the conclusion is the signal



This is a transition which indicates you are winding up


This is a brief review of each main point


Remind your audience on what the topic was and let them know you are done.

References cited

Cite a minimum of 5 sources used as supporting material

Ensure that you include all the parts in order to make the right kind of an informative speech.

How to write an informative speech outline sample

The most important thing when delivering an informative speech, is the need to invoke motivation. Not the need to support a cause but motivation to educate more about a topic or subject. You need to be dedicated in writing an outline regardless of who or how many people you are delivering to.

You don’t need to use the same approach like what other presenters have used in the past to bring your point across. All you need is an intelligent use of subtle repetition for emphasis. What you are delivering is a lecture and education is the key.

In order to inspire your audience enough to want to listen, dramatize your points and think of ways to evoke a sense of urgency. Give your audience a reason to care. In order to achieve this, you need to draft a well written informative speech outline.

The skill to hold an audience attention and captivate them with words while promising them knowledge is not for everyone. When writing an outline, picture your audience and write like you are talking to them.

Informative speech examples

There are many options for writing an informative speech. Below are lists of informative topics which will give you an idea of what to write. They may also serve as a motivation to help you customize and suit your idea.

There are four primary types of informative speeches. These include definitional speeches, descriptive speeches, explanatory speeches and demonstrative speeches.

Definitional speeches

In this type of a speech, you attempt to explain the meaning of issues, theories or concepts that may be unfamiliar to your audience. Start by giving a derivation or synonym if any or give a background of the topic.

If for example you are talking about “how to identify a narcissist,” answer these questions. Where did the word narcissist come from? Who is a narcissist? What are the characteristics of a narcissist? Define your terminology to give shape to what the audience cannot directly figure out.

No matter the audience level of knowledge about the topic, it is important that the speech show relevance to their lives. Most topics in definitional speeches are abstract. Provide your audience with real life examples of the subject matter. Point out distinguishing properties of a concept.

For example, “racism” has changed over time. What does it mean today compared to the 1950’s? how will this distinction help your audience? What incidences involving racism are there today? What changes are the listeners likely so see in their lifetimes?

Descriptive speeches

Descriptive speeches are meant to provide vivid, and detailed word pictures of a person, animal object or place. Your audience should carry with them in their minds a clear vision of the subject. Describe anything visual in words that convey your meaning

In your descriptive speech determine the features, functions and characteristics of your topic. what makes something unique? How does that make you feel? What material is that object made from? What color is it? What does it smell like? Is it visible to the naked eye? What is the location of that place? How has it changed over time?

When preparing for a descriptive speech, think of appealing as many senses as possible. For example, in a speech about types of juices, verbally describe the difference in flavor. The speech will however have more impact if the audience can see, smell and taste samples.

Explanatory speeches

Also known as a briefing, an explanatory speech is similar to a descriptive speech. Both aim at clarifying the topic. An explanatory speech however focuses on reports of current and historical events, inventions, policies outcomes and options. While descriptive speeches attempt to paint a picture with words so that audiences can experience it, explanatory speeches focus on the why and how of a topic and its consequences.

You can for example give a descriptive speech on the daily life of Martin Luther King on an explanatory speech on how he came to his death.  Explanatory speeches are less concerned with appealing to the senses than connecting the topic to related subjects. They ensure deep understanding.

Demonstrative speeches

Of all the informative speeches, a demonstrative speech shows the audience how a process is accomplished. It follows a chronological kind of explanation.  For example, process (how to make tea) procedure (how to clean a pool), application (how to use a calculator) etc.

A demonstrative speech focuses on a series of steps with a beginning and end.  You can also use a continuous process. Demonstrative speeches may be a challenge to write since the process consist several objects or a number of related events.

These speeches provide the best opportunity for audience to be involved in. When preparing for a demonstrative speech, keep the safety of the audience in mind. Also you need to bring examples of pictures of completed steps

If you will involve your audience in your presentation, consider their knowledge level. During preparation of your speech, consider engaging people who don’t know anything about the topic. This enables you to evaluate if your audience can do what you will ask of them within the specified time.

Good informative speech topics

There is no formula for choosing a topic, only to increase the chances. Pick a topic that is narrow enough to address but not such that you won’t get enough resources available to support your subject. Make your topic relevant to the needs and concerns of your audience.

The first step is to choose a topic that you are passionate about. You can also focus on your area of expertise. These scenarios will ensure that you not only have an understanding of the topic but passion of what you will be talking about. From the different types of informative speech, you can have many topics to write about.

How do you choose an informative topic?

Besides your interests, decide whether your speech will focus on objects, events, processes or concepts. Do some brainstorming or review pre-assembled lists of topics to find inspiration.

Below are up-to-date, interesting and relevant speech topics to assist you choose what you wish to write about or serve as inspiration to an idea you wish to explore.

An informative presentation is a speech with visuals. Choose a topic you can illustrate with graphs or pictures. Below is a list of informative presentation topics you can choose from

  • What are the social and economic consequences of automation?
  • What benefits would the construction of an undersea infrastructure have?
  • What are the issues of working across national and cultural boarders?
  • Speak about the healthy balance of diet and exercise
  • Discuss why some countries prefer importing food instead of producing their own
  • What are the dangers of exposing personal information online?
  • What are the issues with partisan reporting?
  • What is the difference between similar pathogens?
  • What is the composition of the air we breathe and the elements we need to survive?
  • What are the implications of remote-controlled technology in your area of interest?

Sports related informative speeches

Sports subjects lend itself as unique and interesting topic to write about. From sharing interests in the subject to providing sports statistics as well as offering biographical information about athletes, there are many ways to inform an audience about sports.

  • Common sports injuries
  • Salary caps in international sports
  • Greatest football players of all times
  • How to hit a homerun?
  • How to train for a marathon?
  • How are professional players drafted?
  • How to qualify for Olympics?
  • Highest salaries in professional sports
  • Lessons children learn from sports
  • Why fights break up in hockey

Informative topics about modern history

Consider putting the modern world into context. Exploring history can provide an interesting perspective on historical events

  • Pandemics of the 21st century
  • Impact of social media o relationships
  • Factors contributing to the Syrian migrant crisis
  • Voting rights
  • History of newspaper
  • How Nelson Mandela changed the world
  • The history of apartheid in south Africa
  • What happened to Soviet Union?
  • The significance of the fall of the berlin wall
  • The function and role of the united nations
  • Overview of the Geneva convention
  • The lasting legacy of Mahatma Gandhi

Informative speech topics about environment

Are you concerned about the planet, pollution, energy, water and other areas about the environment? Work on an explanation of how you view the problem and its importance today.

  • Effects of plastic on the environment
  • Waste recycling plants: how effective are they
  • What are the effects of meat production to the environment?
  • Which industrial fields are the most harmful to the environment?
  • Why is oil spillage dangerous for the environment?
  • Zero waste consumption
  • The best ways to protect the environment
  • Why we should stop global warming
  • The effects of organic and inorganic fertilizer on maize
  • What would happen if infinite resources were not used wisely?

Informative speech ideas on education

An informative speech on education may be a challenge. Like any other type of a speech, you need to be creative and that may be a struggle. Below are a few topic ideas on how to write an informative speech on education.

  • How do school programs differ in different countries and why?
  • How to develop creative abilities in class
  • Can internet be sued as a classroom aid?
  • What is the importance of formal education?
  • Should teacher and students be friends on social platforms?
  • Why is the education sector based more on theory more than practical knowledge?
  • Are test scores a good indication of schools’ competence?
  • Learning disabilities and their effects on students
  • Pros and cons of teaching students more languages in school
  • How to find and proceed with information in a fun way?
  • Is home schooling an effective learning method?

Health informative speech topics

Health topics are not only interesting but also informative. They can also be life-changing. Here are some ideas to choose from.

  • What are the effects of sugar in the body?
  • Why does humanity get used to antibiotics?
  • How has healthcare improved due to technology developments?
  • Why is child obesity a common issue today?
  • Should food culture be part of education process today?
  • What is alcohol and how does it effects in the body?
  • What are the positive effects of physical health to our body?
  • What are the myths and facts about alternative medicine?
  • Are home remedies worth it?
  • Symptoms of depression

Informative speech topics about music

Music makes for some exciting and popular informative speech topics. try some of the ideas below.

  • What is the importance of music in cinema?
  • How does a song change when translated into different languages?
  • Are there any developmental effects when a child listens to music or plays an instrument?
  • In what ways are songs affected by copyright?
  • What is the role of music in the society?
  • How is music used as a tool of empowerment?
  • Is early musical training beneficial?
  • The history of house music
  • The different types of marching bands
  • The evolution of rock and roll

Psychology informative speech topics

Psychology allows you to get an insight into the human mind and how it functions. This is broad science field and it offers many areas to focus on. Teach your audience something they never knew about themselves.

  • What makes people resist change
  • Do opposites really attract?
  • What influence one’s psyche?
  • What causes post-traumatic stress disorder?
  • What are the effects of prolonged stress on one’s mental health?
  • What causes phobias and can they be treated or managed?
  • What are the causes and effects of peer pressure?
  • Difference between sympathy and empathy
  • What are the benefits of positive thinking?
  • How to deal with lies

Fun and easy informative speeches

If you want a light hearted topic aimed at entertaining your audience, below are topics you can focus on.

  • What makes a song catchy and memorable?
  • What are the tricks used by marketers?
  • Discuss the challenges of constructing tall buildings
  • What are the health benefits of walking?
  • What has the advancement in prosthetic technology enabled people to do?
  • Explore the effects to one’s mental health
  • Working remotely: how does working remotely change the workplace?
  • Discuss the role alcoholic beverages in the world culture
  • What psychological or social reasons cause people to engage in petty competition?
  • How did rot scoping influence the animation industry?

Informative speech topics on economy and finance

It is crucial to understand financial principles and history of the currency. A good way is to find interesting financial topics and research on them.

  • Compare retirement policies in different countries
  • What is the average salary in different countries?
  • What cause economic crisis?
  • How to finance your education?
  • Safety of internet banking
  • Do research help assist in financial education
  • How to recognize stock market trends?
  • How to build credit?
  • How to save money on your income tax?
  • The basics of financial aid
  • Debt relief programs

Technology informative speech topics

  • New technologies
  • How to stay safe online?
  • Evolution of computer programming
  • Useful websites
  • Social networking
  • The downside of smartphones
  • Has technology brought any inconveniences?
  • How would life be without electricity?
  • Can video games contribute to violence?
  • Choosing a digital camera

Informative speech in history

Historical figures, events, periods and movements serves as great sources for an informative speech

  • Informative accidental inventions
  • The mummification process
  • Pyramid construction theories
  • Cold war
  • Ancient Rome
  • Roman empire
  • Different past calendars
  • Viking age
  • Albert Einstein
  • The history of immigrants in the American workforce


You have a special role as a speaker, the power in your voice.  You may, however, experience a challenge finding a topic suitable for your idea. Further, you may struggle to make your speech interesting enough to capture the attention of your audience. For a speech to be effective it has to be memorable and that may put pressure on you. Let the topics suggested above serve as ideas and inspiration to what you settle to write and present about.

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