Best Latest Exploratory Essay Topics for Students

Choosing an exploratory essay to write about can be a challenging task. Many students get stuck in the process of brainstorming to find unique topics. This article provides the best latest exploratory essay topics you can write about in your essay.

Exploratory Essay Topics

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Best Latest Exploratory Essay Topics for Students
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Exploratory essay topics are different depending on the subject and instructions provided by your instructor or professor. To find a good topic, you have to consider the one that will grab the reader’s attention. Before looking at the topics, it is important to know the definition and tips for choosing the topics.

What is an exploratory essay?

An exploration essay is a brief nonfiction piece in which the writer explores an issue or considers an idea or experience. This happens without necessarily attempting to prove a point or prove a thesis.

Unlike other academic essays, exploratory essays do not present specific issues. The papers allow the writer to explore topics and consider tentative conclusions about the topics. To write compelling exploratory essays, you must choose the latest and most exciting topics.

How to choose suitable exploratory essay topics

Many students ask themselves, “how do I choose topics for an exploratory paper?” various topics can apply. The problem comes when you want to select a unique topic that will attract the eyes of your professor or instructor. Here are the steps to consider while selecting exploratory essay topics:

  1. Consider your topic and assignment

Before everything, consider the assignment’s instructions. If your teacher has expressly requested an article on world politics, it’s pointless to choose exploratory paper subjects like “What are the benefits of daily exercise.” Examine the topic you’ve been assigned and utilize it to guide you through the next steps.

Occasionally, teachers will give you an open assignment. Alternatively, they could select a broad category like health, sports, or family. Make sure you have read the homework instructions thoroughly.

2. Identify a broad category outline

If your instructor has not provided you with a category, this is the first step you should take. Begin with a broad topic. These should be common occurrences like wealth, relevant data, and issues frequently discussed in our daily lives. Here are some interesting exploratory essay themes to consider:

  • Family life
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Music or arts
  • Sports
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Health or wellbeing
  • Entertainment 
  • Politics 

As you can see, these are broad subjects that can give you a variety of titles. Select a topic that you have more knowledge about and feel comfortable researching.

  1. Examine the most prevalent topics within that broad category

Look for common subjects within an extensive category after you’ve identified one. When individuals talk about this topic, what do they usually talk about? Let’s say you have decided on technology. What subcategories are possible? Some instances are as follows:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • Internet 
  • Social media  
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality

There are now seven possible exploratory essay topics. This provides you with a solid foundation to build and refine your selections. A topic like “What boundaries should youngsters be given when accessing the internet” might be appropriate for an essay.

  1. Narrow down the topics you’ve picked – choose the ones that are most relevant to you

After creating a list of subcategories for your chosen topic, filter it down. Examine each and select the one that best suits your needs. You may know how the internet works, but you may not be familiar with virtual reality. Make the most of your abilities!

Also, select the most appropriate category. Look through current news articles and media to see what’s being discussed. For instance, social networking is currently a popular topic. This may be a topic for debate as well as information gathering.

  1. Choose a topic that encourages the reader to learn more about the subject

Finally, decide on a theme and a title for it. Take into account the category you’ve picked, such as social media. Consider a title that you will be able to study or locate sufficient material for an exploration essay.

 For example, data on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is considerably more readily available. If you focus on a niche social media network, you may find it challenging to fill up your essay or gather enough relevant facts.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a theme or topic, don’t be afraid to get assistance from a professional writing service. Please don’t suffer in silence; we understand how difficult exploratory essays can be.

What are good topics for exploratory essays?

This question runs in the minds of many students. Exploratory essays should have arguable questions to be considered interesting and well-written. Ensure you choose investigative essay topics that are arguable. The questions are:

  • Not yet solved
  • Not be something you can easily say that the answer is no
  • Something you can find more than three answers on
  • Interesting to the reader
  • Connected to a weighted subject matter

If you want to know more, you can check an exploratory essay example online. You will learn how to write essays and avoid common mistakes while writing.

List of exploratory essay topics

Now that you have learned important tips for choosing an exploratory essay topic, you can look at some topics. Here are some of the latest exploratory research topics you can choose for your essay.

Exploratory essay topics related to family life

  1. What are parents’ most important duties?
  2. Is it essential to maintain ties with distant family members?
  3. Single parents should be given more support
  4. Children from single-parent homes are at a disadvantage compared to children from two-parent families
  5. What is the prime age to start a family?
  6. Two working parents can cause a strain on families
  7. Children with one parent are at a disadvantage to two-parent families
  8. When should children look to move out of their parent’s home?
  9. Divorce can fracture families and hurt children
  10. What are the dynamics of relationships between younger and older siblings?

Technology exploratory essay topics

  1. Social media has a significant impact on our privacy
  2. Our capacity to communicate via voice is being harmed by smartphones
  3. Is technology causing a reduction in employment opportunities?
  4. Television has been linked to a decrease in mental ability
  5. Can computers and AI teach better than humans?
  6. Television contributes to a reduction in mental capacity
  7. How will virtual reality shape our future
  8. Is artificial intelligence’s ethical step very far?
  9. Self-driving cars will negatively impact our driving ability
  10. Games consoles are limiting our children’s social skills and development

Wellbeing or health exploratory essay topics

  1. What does it mean to have the “ideal” body image?
  2. How has your health changed as you’ve gotten older?
  3. Is it possible for exercise and fitness to become addictive?
  4. The benefits and drawbacks of smoking cigarettes
  5. Can Medical Marijuana be a Good Treatment Option?
  6. Explain the advantages of exercising every day?
  7. Are celebrities presenting a distorted view of the body parts to children?
  8. What are the physical and psychological advantages of dieting?
  9. What impact does retirement have on your physical and emotional health?
  10. Overcoming mental obstacles is a fragment of dieting.

Exploratory essay topics for college students

  1. How can teachers and parents give the best education to students?
  2. Should students be paid for good grades?
  3. How can school dropouts be reduced in developing countries?
  4. What strategies can be put into place to limit technologies in schools?
  5. How to improve learning in classrooms with the appropriate spaces
  6. Ho to manage time in the best way
  7. Does coffee enhance the learning ability of students
  8. Between men and women, who join college more?
  9. How to make school opportunities equal among students
  10. Digital versus textbooks. Which ones are more effective in schools today?

Exploratory essay topics related to sports

  1. Sports are crucial to a child’s mental and physical development, explain
  2. In professional athletics, what psychological variables play a role?
  3. Sports have had a long and illustrious history
  4. The new sports superstar: how athletes have evolved into celebrities
  5. In sports, which is more critical: inherent skill or training?
  6. What are the differences between team sports and individual sports?
  7. Making the transition from amateur to skilled sports is a big step
  8. What criteria do we use to evaluate sporting greatness?
  9. How can sport help us improve our physical health and wellbeing?
  10. What factors influence the popularity of specific sports in different locations and countries?

Exploratory essay topics related to business

  1. Should big businesses be excluded from paying business taxes?
  2. What has been the evolution of the online gaming industry?
  3. Should you put your money in stocks, bonds, forex, or cryptocurrencies?
  4. Cryptocurrencies are the way of the future – learn more about the Blockchain
  5. Will the Bitcoin fizz explode at some point?
  6. The impact of switching from traditional ways of conducting business to e-commerce 
  7. The evolution of Facebook
  8. How can a modern entrepreneur grow and thrive?
  9. What has eBay done to diversify internet retail?
  10. Is accounting a necessary part of running a business?

Exploratory essay topics in music and arts

  1. Since the 1950s, how has popular music changed?
  2. What role does music play as a worldwide language?
  3. What are the advantages of your child learning to play a musical instrument?
  4. Is it possible to change our mood by listening to music?
  5. What role may music play in socialization?
  6. Is music inextricably related to our emotions?
  7. Is our musical taste a reflection of our personalities?
  8. Should music be utilized as a therapeutic tool?
  9. Is it possible for your fetus to be influenced by music while still in the womb?
  10. What effect does classical music have on your brain?

Exploratory essay topics on significant health problems

  1.  Pollution is at an all-time high
  2. Deforestation is lowering our oxygen levels and destroying wildlife habitats
  3. How have institutions like the United Nations and NATO aided in resolving global issues?
  4. What is the most pressing global issue that we are currently confronted with?
  5. Increased flooding and tides could arise from melting polar ice caps
  6. Is it possible for one person to change things?
  7. Is it possible for a single government to solve a global problem, or does it necessitate international cooperation?
  8. What is the impact of plastic pollution on our environment?
  9. Why Is Ignoring Global Issues Morally Irresponsible?
  10. Is global warming a big worldwide problem?

Modern social life exploratory essay topics

  1. Is it true that pubs are losing their appeal?
  2. How has Tinder changed how we communicate and form relationships?
  3. A comparison of current and previous political parties
  4. What impact has the internet had on our daily lives?
  5. How online dating has altered the way we establish connections
  6. The rise of celebrities and social media
  7. Before and after the internet, there was no comparison in terms of social life
  8. Is the world on the verge of becoming an anti-social society?
  9. The way we make friends evolves as we grow older
  10. Instagram has given the notion that our lives aren’t what they seem

Education and schooling exploratory essay topics

  1. Should the use of technology in schools be restricted?
  2. How can you study well for an exam?
  3. Should students gain more practical knowledge and skills?
  4. Should governments attempt to reduce the cost of education?
  5. What effect does coffee have on your ability to concentrate and study?
  6. Should same-gender schools continue to exist?
  7. Should students be responsible for paying for their higher education?
  8. Is it possible to make schools more appealing?
  9. What does it signify that more women attend college than men?
  10. Should all schools become fully digital workplaces?

Exploratory essay topics on entertainment

  1. The risks of watching pornography to one’s health
  2. What role does film play in today’s society?
  3. What is the ideal running time for a film?
  4. Is the internet making movies less relevant?
  5. Should graphic sex and violence be permitted in movies and on television?
  6. How Netflix has altered our television viewing habits Is the internet making movies less relevant?
  7. Is it true that youngsters become desensitized to violence in movies?
  8. Are award shows like the Oscars a fraud?
  9. Are actors paid too much?
  10. Which is more entertaining: theatre or film?

Culture and religion exploratory essay topics

  1. Different cultures have different eating habits, expound
  2. What are the beliefs of various cultures regarding the afterlife?
  3. The most significant distinctions between Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism
  4. Is religion utilized as an escapism tool?
  5. Is it true that the Islamic faith encourages violence?
  6. Is religion still as important today as it was 50 years ago?
  7. Various religious practices can be found worldwide; how do they differ?
  8. Is it true that religion has a positive impact on our lives?
  9. Why do various religions worship different gods?
  10. Why do you think some countries allow the practice of euthanasia? 

Miscellaneous exploratory essay topics

  1. Is it moral to splice genes?
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of consuming and utilizing genetically engineered foods
  3. Since the 9/11 attacks, how has terrorism changed?
  4. Is there a drop in traditional taxis as a result of UBER?
  5. Which country is the real world’s superpower: China or the United States?
  6. What impact will Brexit have on the European Union and the United Kingdom?
  7. What challenges do parents in war-torn countries encounter when raising their children?
  8. Is it good for your health to have a house pet?
  9. What was the evolution of interracial marriage?
  10. Is there still a stigma associated with mental illness in society?

Social media and relationships exploratory essay topics

  1. Is it true that cell phones harm or help relationships?
  2. Are today’s high school and college students capable of face-to-face communication the same way that individuals in the past were?
  3. What impact is social media having on adolescent relationships?
  4. Is it a good idea to date online? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  5. Is it true that the internet age makes it more difficult for folks to find a date?
  6. How does being able to publish about your relationship on social media affect current dating relationships for the better or, the worse?
  7. Is it possible to have a fulfilling online dating relationship?
  8. Who should give online dating a shot?
  9. How can you stay safe while dating online? Should background checks be performed?
  10. Is online dating a worthwhile experience?
  11. Is it true that cell phones harm or help relationships?
  12. Are today’s high school and college students capable of face-to-face communication the same way that individuals in the past were?
  13. What impact is social media having on adolescent relationships?
  14. Is it a good idea to date online? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  15. Is it true that the internet age makes it more difficult for folks to find a date?
  16. How does being able to publish about your relationship on social media affect current dating relationships for the better or, the worse?
  17. Is it possible to have a fulfilling online dating relationship?
  18. Who should give online dating a shot?
  19. How can you stay safe while dating online? Should background checks be performed?
  20. Is online dating a worthwhile experience?

Genetic engineering exploratory essay topics

  1. Who should decide what should and should not be cloned?
  2. Is it an issue if many graduate students studying molecular engineering techniques are not citizens of the United States?
  3. Is it true that DNA study on extinct species detracts from current attempts to protect endangered species?
  4. Should the government outlaw personal genetic engineering labs?
  5. What are the risks of people conducting their genetic research at home?
  6. Can genetic mapping and studying extinct species’ DNA help us?
  7. George M. Church, a Harvard University biologist who worked on the Human Genome Project, believes that cloning extinct species and even a Neanderthal man will be possible in the future; what are the ethics of a project like this?
  8. Is it moral to screen people’s genes? Does this alter our perceptions of ourselves and others?
  9. Should there be restrictions on who can purchase supplies and equipment for molecular genetic research?
  10. Is it necessary for everyone to have their DNA sequenced?

How to write an exploratory essay

Now that you know the definition, tips, and exploratory essay topics, it is essential to understand how to write an exploratory essay. If you have such an assignment, follow the following steps:

  1. Create a standard outline, using the Outline Format as a guide
  2. Read and revise all the articles, as well as the Summary, analysis, and response paper 
  3. Determine how each piece you have read can be used to bolster your case and the points you’ve made in your outline
  4. Remember to include all relevant source information (following the style guide you have been given.)
  5. Talk to a friend or a classmate about your article

Share your points with them and make sure they comprehend what you’re saying. Are they able to provide you with any further suggestions that you may not have considered? Allow them to edit each other’s work.

  1. Collect a few visual aids to include in your final essay
  2. Create an initial draft

Remember to use transitions such as some people believe; another viewpoint is that one approach to this issue is, the last idea could be, among others.

  1. Include in your work summarized thoughts, paraphrases, and pertinent quotes from your nursing research

In an exploratory essay, you mostly summarize or paraphrase what you describe using your words. Use only quotes that demonstrate your idea.

  1. Evaluate your exploratory essay

Evaluate your paper by ensuring that you follow all the instructions provided by your professor or instructor. Also, ask one of your friends to check the paper on your behalf

  1. Make the final version of your draft 

Create a final draft using the results of the peer editing exercise. Make changes to your final copy based on the findings of the peer editing exercise.

What is exploratory research?

Exploratory research is described as a study conducted to learn more about a topic that isn’t well defined. It is carried out to get a better knowledge of the current situation, but the findings will not be definitive. For this kind of study, a researcher begins with a broad concept and utilizes the research to discover difficulties that might be the subject of future research.

 A key consideration is that the researcher must be willing to shift course if new information or insight becomes available. When an issue is still in its early stages, such a study is frequently conducted. It’s also known as grounded theory or interpretative research. This is because it is used to address questions like “what,” “why,” and “how.”

Consider the following scenario: A juice bar owner believes that expanding the range of juices would increase customers, but he is unsure and wants additional information. The owner wants to find out, so he chooses to do an exploratory study to see whether extending their juice choices would help him attract more consumers or if there is a better option.

Characteristics of exploratory research

Look at any exploratory essay sample online and check whether you will notice the characteristics. Some of the attributes of exploratory essay research are:

  • It involves unstructured research
  • It’s generally inexpensive, engaging, and open-ended
  • It will allow a researcher to respond to inquiries such as “What is the problem?” What is the study’s objective? What kinds of subjects might be investigated?
  • There must either be no previous research or current research that does not provide a specific response to the issue
  • It is a time-consuming inquiry that requires patience and comes with hazards
  • The researcher will have to look through all of the data accessible for the study he is doing
  • There are no specific standards for research since they are flexible, comprehensive, and dispersed
  • The research must be significant or valuable. The study conducted is useless if the issue is not essential in the industry
  • The research should also contain a few hypotheses to back up its results, making it easy for the researcher to evaluate it and continue forward with his investigation
  • Typically, such research yields qualitative data, but in some cases, quantitative data can be generalized for a larger sample using surveys and experiments

To sum up

Choosing an excellent exploratory essay topic can be more challenging than the writing process. You need to brainstorm different topics to develop an interesting and eye-grabbing topic. This article has highlighted more than 200 best latest exploratory essay topics.

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