The facility can hold 495 beds and sees over 5,000 patients per year ranging in length of stay. Patients on the Maximum Security Forensic Unit (Building 39) are undergoing competency to stand trial hearings, restoration services to prepare them for trial or have already been found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) and are serving their time at CSH. Everyone on this unit has a felony pending. Within this unit are six wards; five wards housing men and one housing women. On the Civil Adult Treatment Unit, (Buildings 94, 95 & 96) patients either have misdemeanor charges or have been sentenced to service their time in the state hospital. Overtime, these patients have progressed to receiving more freedoms (unlike MSFU) such as increased visitations, less restrictive rules and more liberties with activities and day passes. The typical length of stay for the civil unit can vary based on a patient’s progression to be restored … Essay: Overview of the Consultation Process

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Essay: Overview of the Consultation Process
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