APN Professional Development Plan Paper

APN Professional Development Plan Paper

APN Professional Development Plan Paper

Chamberlain University: Nurse Practitioner Track
NR500NP Foundational Concepts and Advanced Practice Roles

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APN Professional Development Plan Paper
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APN Professional Development Plan Paper
Advanced registered nurses play a crucial role in the promotion of opimum health outcomes among the populations they serve. They adopt evidence-based interventions that optimize care outcomes such as safety, quality and efficiency. States and professional organizations have adopted policies that guide the practice of advanced registered nurses in their diverse roles. The policies and guidelines exist to ensure ethical practice by nurses and the protection of legal provisions in the provision of patient care services. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to examine my future APN scope of practice, nurse practitioner (NONPF) core comprency strengths and weaknesses, and how to develop effective leadership skills.


Advanced Practice Nurse Scope of Practice
I intend to work as a cosmetic injector/medspa nurse practitioner in the state of Florida after geeting my family nurse practitioner certification. The state of Florida has adopted policies that regulate the training and practice of nurses. This includes working with the Florida Board of Nursing in overseeing activities such as licensing, disciplining, educating, monitoring, and the provision of rehabilitation services. The state laws ensure that nurses maintain highest possible standards in the provision of care that safeguards public health and safety. The state laws that guide nursing practice applies to professionals that include registered nurses, licensed practice nurses, advanced registered nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and medical assistants.
Educational Requirements
One becomes an advanced registered nurse practitioner in the state of Florida after achieving the set educational requirements. One of them is being a registered nurse in the state of Florida. However, this requirement does not apply to all individuals since those who graduatd before October 1 1998 are exempted from this rule. One must also be certified from a specialty board recognized in the state for them to practice in Florida. An advanced registered nurse must also have liability insurance for them to provide their specialized care in the state of Florida. They can also practice according to the established state protocols that guide the specialty roles for the advanced registered nurse practitioners (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2023). There is also the requirement of completing at least 3000 clinical hourses under physician supervision for the last five years and must not have any history of being subjected to disciplinary actions.
The educational preparedness for advanced practice registered nurses in the state Florida is per the developed guidelines by the Florida State Board of Nursing. One must complete three graduate-level semester hourses in differential diagnosis and three semester hourses in pharmacology within the last five years. The work environments for the advanced practice registered nurses vary based on their specializations (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2023). For example, family nurse practitioners can work in the hospital or community settings with individuals, families, and communities. On the other hand, a nurse anasthetist may work in hospital settings such as the operating rooms.
License Requirements s
Individuals that seek licensing for advanced practice registered nurse roles in the state of Florida must submit their applications to the Department of Health for the licensure examinations. The certification for the advanced practice registered nurse is by the specialty boards for the respective specializations. The Florida Board of Nursing provides appropriate requirements for the different advanced nursing practices. The cost of the licensure examination varies depending on the licensing body for a specialty. One renews a license with their respective certification body upon its expiry. An advanced registered nurse practitioner must also complete at least three hours of continuing education on safe and effective prescription of controlled substances with a board-approved entity. There is also therequirement to complete a course on human trafficking for their license renewal (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2023). The nurse is expected to demonstrate professional behaviors and practice as per their scope of practice for them to maintain their licenses.
Regulatory Requirements
The regulations stated in the nurses’ practice act influence the professional role of the advanced practice registered nurses in the state of Florida. The Florida State Board of Nursing oversees all the nursing specialties. The approved bodies provide certifications for different specialties. The certification cost vary based on the certifying agency. For example, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners certify family nurse practitioners at a cost of $240 for its members and $315 for its non-members. One must have completed at least 500 hours of supervised direct patient care and valid registered nurse license.
Practice Authority
The state of Florida allows advanced practice registered nurses to have independent practice. This means that advanced practice registered nurses have the full authority to provide care within their areas of specialization. The independent practice authority was implemented in 2020 by the state’s legislation. The advanced registered nurses can provide their care without a protocol or physician supervision. The range of activities the advanced practice registered nurse can perform are varied. They include engaging in autonomous practice in family medicine, general internal medicine, and general pediatrics. They can also undertake advanced practice registered nurse functions that relate to primary care, admit patients to a facility, manage care, and discharge patients from a facility. They can also offer certification, signature, stamp, affidavit, verification or endorsement that is provided by a physician (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2023). However, the advanced practice registered nurses do not perform surgical procedures except subcutenous interventions.
Prescriptive Authority
The advanced practice registered nurse can prescribe, dispense, administer or order any medications as per the established framework functions. They may also prescribed controlled substances that as defined in section 893.03 if they have graduated from a doctoral or a master’s program in a specialty that aligns with the practitioner’s skills. An advanced practice registered nurse may also order occupational and physical therapy, diagnostic tests, manage selected medical problems, and evaluate patients for effectiveness of care. They can also order medications for administration under chapter 395 or part II of chapter 400. The advanced practice registered nurses must maintain their licenses and certifications valid for them to maintain their prescriptive authority (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2023). They do not have to maintain a separate license or certificate for their prescriptive authority.
Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies
The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties developed nine core competencies that guide nurse practitioner programs. The core competencies ensure that nurse practitioners have the desired competencies in their respective areas of specialization (Chan et al., 2020). Advanced practice registered nurses should be aware of their competency strengths and areas of improvement for their enhanced performance in diverse specialties.
Competency Areas That are Personally Strong
One of core competency areas that I consider as my strength is scientific foundation competencies. I believe that I have adequate scientific foundation that informs my professional role as an advanced practice registered nurse. I am competent in the use of scientific data to make informed decisions related to patient care. I can use sources of evidence-based data to assess, plan, improve, and enhance the delivery of healthcare services to different populations. I can also translate evidence from research into nursing practice to improve care oucomes (Chan et al., 2020). Therefore, I consider this aspect my core competency.
The other core competency area that I consider my strength is quality. Qualiy entails the assessmentof research and how it can be used to improve care outcomes. As noted above, I am competent in the translation of evidence into nursing practice. I can access, assess, and use best available data in my practice to promote outcomes such as safety, quality and efficiency. I can also use data to initiate and support continuous quality improvement initiatives in healthcare (Dugan & Altmiller, 2023). I can also assist health organizations to transform their structures and systems based on data.
Competency Areas Where There is Room for Growth
One of the areas where there is room for growth is leadership. My self-analysis reveals that I have not developed the desired leadership competencies needed of a nurse practitioner. I lag in areas such as leading complex initiatives and change in healthcare. I have moderate skills in leading interprofessional teams in nursing. I also feel that my ability to lead innovations in healthcare is also average. The other area where there is opportunity for growth is policy. My competencies in policy-related issues is low. I have limited experience in policy-related issues such as assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. This affects my advocacy roles as an advanced practice registered nurse (Chinn et al., 2021). As a result, I should engage in different policy-initiatives to improve my competencies in this area.
Scholarly Activities to Help Achieve NP Competencies
I will engage in a range of scholarly activities to achieve NP competencies. One of them is attending leadership conferences to boost my leadership competencies. I will strive to learn from others the best leadership practices that I should incorporate into my professional roles as an advanced registered nurse. The other scholarly activity is publishing articles. I will write research articles on emerging issues in nursing and their effect on nursing profession. This will improve my quality and scientific foundation compotenties.
Leadership Skills
Three Leadership Skills Required to Lead in Complex Systems
Advanced registered nurse practitioners should be competent leaders in leading complex systems. One of the leadership skills needed for them to lead complex systems is change management. Leading complex systems require the implementation of change initiatives regularly. The implementation of change initiatives may experience barriers such as resistance from the adopters. As a result, leaders should be effective in managing change. They should be able to influence the actions and decisions of their followers when leading complex teams. They should be able to incorporate strategies such as open communication, active stakeholder involvement, training, and development to influence change among those they lead in complex systems (Luther et al., 2019). Effective change management will contribute to continuous improvement, quality, and efficiency in health organizations.
The second leadership skill is innovation. Leading complex systems require the adoption of innovative strategies to ensure efficiency in the realization of the set goals. An effective leader should be innovative. The leader should encourage the followers to adopt effective and innovative strategies that enhance the undertaking of their assigned roles. The leader should also encourage the followers to adopt innovative technologies to accelerate the realization of the set goals in their organizations (Bryant et al., 2020). Innovation increases the overall satisfaction and empowerment among the employees in a complex system.
The third skill is self-awareness. An effective leader should be aware of his or her strengths or weaknesses. The leader should also be able to identify opportunities for self-growth and improvement. Self-awareness helps leaders develop the intelligence they need in influencing their followers. It also helps them to explore how to laverage the strengths of others to enhance the realization of the desired outcomes (Frasier, 2019). Therefore, self-aware leaders are highly effective and efficient in leading complex systems.
Two Strategies to Help Develop NP Leadership Skills
One of the strategies to help develop NP leadership skills is working on your strengths and weaknesses. Nurse practitioners should be aware of their leadership strengths and weaknesses. They should be able to identify opportunities to address their weaknesses while improving on their strengths. The self-awareness is important in ensuring the continuous development and improvement of the nurse practitioner’s leadership skills (Frasier, 2019).
The second strategy is role modelling. Nurse practitioners should identify their role models in nursing leadership. They should emulate the best practices and behaviors that their models utilize in leading others. Role modelling motivates nurse practitioners to continually explore best leadership styles and practices that they can use to achieve the set goals in their institutions (Major, 2019).
In summary, the Florida State Board of Nursing and the state of Florida have developed regulations that guide my scope of practice as an advanced practice registered nurse. I have core competency strengths and areas of growth that I should explore to develop the desired knowledge and skills as a family nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners should be competent in leading complex systems. They should adopt strategies such as role modeling to improve their leadership competencies.

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Major, D. (2019). Developing effective nurse leadership skills. Nursing Standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain): 1987), 34(6), 61–66. https://doi.org/10.7748/ns.2019.e11247
Toney-Butler, T. J., & Martin, R. L. (2023). Florida Nurse Practice Act Laws and Rules. In StatPearls. StatPearls Publishing. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK532859/


I am getting my Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), plan on being a cosmetic injector/medspa in the state of Florida.

The APN Professional Development Plan paper is worth 200 points and will be graded on the quality of the content, use of citations, use of Standard English grammar, sentence structure, and overall organization based on the required components as summarized in the directions and grading criteria/rubric.

Submit the paper as a Microsoft Word Document, which is the required format at Chamberlain University. You are encouraged to use the APA Academic Writer and Grammarly tools when creating your assignment.

Follow the directions below and the grading criteria located in the rubric closely. Any questions about this paper may be posted under the Q & A Forum or emailed to your faculty.

The length of the paper should be 5-8 pages, excluding title page and reference page(s).&

Support ideas with a minimum of 3 scholarly resources. Scholarly resources do not include your textbook. You may need to use more than 3 scholarly resources to fully support your ideas.

You may use first person voice when discussing information specific to your personal practice or skills.

Current edition APA format is required with both a title page and reference page(s). Use the following as Level 1 headings to denote the sections of your paper (Level 1 headings use upper- and lower-case letters and are bold and centered):

APN Professional Development Plan (This is the paper introduction. In APA format, a restatement of the paper title, centered and bold serves as the heading of the introduction section)

APN Scope of Practice

Nurse Practitioner (NONPF) Core Competencies

Leadership Skills



Introduction: Provide an overview of what will be covered in the paper. Introduction should include general statements on scope of practice, competencies, and leadership, and identification of the purpose of the paper.

APN Scope of Practice: Research the Nurse Practice Act and APN scope of practice guidelines for the state in which you intend to practice after graduation. (Example: Students who intend to practice in California must research the California Nurse Practice Act and relevant Board of Registered Nursing regulations, such as obtaining a DEA number, and prescriptive requirements). Describe the educational, licensure, and regulatory requirements for that state in your own words. Identify whether your state allows full, limited, or restricted NP practice. Discuss NP prescriptive authority in your state. Provide support from at least one scholarly source. Source may be the regulatory body that governs nursing practice in your state. (Students who intend to practice in California, include the use of written standard procedures that guide nurse practitioner practice in the state and physician supervision ratios).

Nurse Practitioner (NONPF) Core Competencies: Review the NONPF Core Competencies. Describe two competency areas you believe to be personal strengths and two competency areas in which you have opportunities for growth. Discuss two scholarly activities you could do during the master’s program to help yourself achieve NP competencies. Provide support from at least one scholarly source. Source may be NONPF Core Competencies document provided via the link in the week 2 readings.

Leadership Skills: Analyze three leadership skills required to lead as an NP within complex systems. Describe two strategies you could use to help you develop NP leadership skills. Provide support from at least one scholarly source. Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources.

Conclusion: Provide a conclusion, including a brief summary of what you discussed in the paper.

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